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Welcome to Expert Tree Service! We are a distinguished local company providing exceptional tree services. Since the foundation of our business nearly 100 years ago, things have changed but the commitment to our clients consistently remains the same. We believe in hard work, quality workmanship, and competence. Whether you are looking for tree pruning or removal, we have the practical skills and knowledge to get the job done flawlessly. Our tree service is readily available in Orinda, CA and other surrounding towns including Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Moraga, and Berkeley.


At Expert Tree Service, our vast exposure in the tree service field gives us an edge over our competitors. Here, we have handled many projects of varying size and scope, therefore, we are aware of what is expected of us. To deliver a flawless service, we have invested in state-of-the-art machinery to allow us to work with precision, speed, and efficiency. All our methods and techniques have been tested and proven, and we continuously update our work formula. Our operations are diverse, and some of our work includes tree removal, logging, land clearing, trimming, stump grinding, and tree recycling.


When you need to boost the appeal of your trees, look no further than Expert Tree Service. Here, we have a highly trained and motivated team of arborists, ready to offer you the service you deserve. We offer tree pruning solutions to allow your plants to grow in the desired size and shape. Pruning will help your trees thrive better, allow air circulation, sunlight penetration, and remove hazardous branches. With our courteous, responsible, and trained team, you are assured of an impeccable service. Our rates are straightforward and we offer free quotes. For superior tree care in Orinda, CA and other close by places such as Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Moraga, and Berkeley, don’t hesitate to call us today!

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