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Tree Trimming

When you need qualified tree cutters, consider working with Expert Tree Service! We are a company determined to offer five-star residential and commercial tree services. In the decades we have been in this sector, we have acquired unmatched practical skills and invaluable knowledge. We offer diverse services including tree trimming and removal, and all our work is in line with the current industry practices. We abide by a code of fast response, convenience, and competence. Our towering reputation has enabled us to gain the trust of many in Walnut Creek, CA and other neighboring cities such as Moraga, Berkeley, Orinda, and Lafayette.


If you want to have one or all your trees removed, look no further than Expert Tree Service! We are the best among many tree cutters, and we have what it takes to deliver an A+ result. If you have a tree that is leaning dangerously or is posing a hazard to your family, property or business, we can remove it. Regardless of how tight the spot is, we can devise a removal plan that ensures a safe and damage-free job. If you want us to cut your trees for harvesting purposes, we have a vast experience in the logging industry. We organize our work carefully and use the right tools for the job. 


Trees make our outdoor areas more appealing and comfortable. If not catered for properly, trees can sometimes be a nuisance. They can grow into unsightly shapes, encroach on nearby structures, block sunlight from reaching your house and cause obstruction in pathways. At Expert Tree Service, we can provide tree trimming to get your trees in shape and help them grow with health and vigor. For a premier tree service in Walnut Creek, CA and other close by areas including Moraga, Berkeley, Orinda, and Lafayette, talk to us now and we will make you a superb deal!


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